Sunday, April 3, 2016

Mystical Wisdom Cards for Dream Analysis?

Mystical Wisdom Cards for Dream Analysis?
by Gaye Guthrie (Author), Josephine Wall (Author, Illustrator)
U.S. Games Systems Inc.

I’m so taken with this deck that I decided to give it a try for dream analysis.  I’ve been in a cycle of dreams, dreams on top of dreams and recurring dreams for a few months now.  I drew four cards to shed some light…I removed the three angel cards from the deck before drawing the cards.
Below you will find the card images and the information provided in the guidebook.  All credit for the information goes to Gaye Guthrie, Josephine Wall  and U.S. Games Systems Inc.
As I look at each image I’m amazed at the layers of information you can use as cues for your intuition.  I’m impressed with the way this deck can clue into dream space.  I’m not sure the deck was created to be used this ways but it works!  You may be wondering why I removed the three angel cards before choosing four cards for the message...for me personally, the angel cards would only cloud my ability to intuit information.  It’s interesting to note here that during this particular dream cycle, I’ve been trying to work out what it is I want to DO next.  Stuck in a rut?  Maybe, but it’s bigger than this.  I’m finally feeling physically better than I have in a year-but I know I have to work at this daily with good choices.  Now, there’s a battle of weight that was gained over the past several years that cannot be ignored.  Our bodies are something we all take for granted.  When they break down there is always a reason.  Stress will kill you.  We hear it all of the time...but, we don’t really understand this until we are faced with an illness.

Enough about doom and gloom!  My dreams are simply showing me that I can move on, it is time.  But, I have to move in a new direction-a direction that excludes chaos.

Opportunity Knocks
Go For It!
New opportunities are coming your way, brilliant ideas, educational possibilities, new friends, expanding your potential and opening yourself to greater possibilities.  You are a good team player and have gained respect from your work colleagues and peers.  You have a good reason to feel proud of your achievements and attitudes towards yourself and others.  Embrace this new endeavor with this raw creative energy.  Go for it!  It is time to dazzle yourself and stretch your wings and fly.

Pursue Spiritual Growth
You have come into your own and are in search of something more meaningful to add to your life.  Now is the time to meditate, deliberate self-evaluate and withdraw voluntarily from the world to seek truth and solitude.
Reast and a quiet retreat away from the daily routine will allow you to consider enlightened decisions and go in the direction of the heart.  This may also be the time to seek advice and spiritual guidance from a mentor or experienced person.

Creative Wonderment
Follow Your Passion
You are able to bring fruition something within your imagination that you alone have thought of.  Being creative is relaxing and therapeutic whether it’s cooking, sewing, woodworking, photography, writing or art.  Whatever it may be that stimulates your imagination, this is the time for you to create and inspire others.  Utilize your skills.  Take classes and follow your passion.  You will one day have the opportunity to turn your heartfelt creativity into your life’s work.  Create Your labor of love!

Battle of the Blues
Take Steps Towards Positive Change
When you have sad feelings of gloom and inadequacy, you need to recognize this is a temporary situation.  Feelings of sadness and negative thoughts can immobilize you and only you can change this.  Perhaps it is a wake up call to get into action and make changes.  Take small steps and keep moving everyday to bring positive changes and self empowerment.  Exercise, study, socialize with like minded people, listen to music, and talk about your feelings with trusted friends and family.  Know that the magic of the universe and the angels are there to support and guide you.  Gather your courage and rise to meet your challenges.

Syncing-up With Tarot for March, 2016

Syncing-up With Tarot for March, 2016

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

King of Wands: Bill’s Deviant Card Pick for this Week

Deviant Moon Tarot Deck by Patrick Valenza
U.S. Games Systems Inc.

Posted by Mary Nale
He cleared the deck, he shuffled the cards and chose a card to help you get a feel for the week ahead...and it’s the King of Wands.
What are the chances of Bill picking the very card that always makes me think of him?  Hmmm...I do love the Deviant Moon Tarot Deck!
Okay, let’s have a look at this card…

From the Little White Book:
The king of wands leads his children on an exciting adventure through the woods.  His fatherly guidance inspires his offspring down the path of life, for he always sets good examples for them to follow.

Upright: A father. Loving paternal qualities.  A married man.  Wise Leader.

This is one of my favorite court cards in the Deviant Moon Tarot because the king is so confident and seems to be taking whatever comes his way in stride-without ever missing a step.  I love that this king has flowing gray hair to help further reinforce the idea that this is a wise man.  He seems to be paying attention to all of the details as he moves forward.  

The long awaited companion book for the Deviant Moon Tarot is available on Amazon:  My copy has not arrived yet but, I am very much looking forward to reviewing this book and posting my thoughts here.  The deck is also available through Amazon:

Monday, September 7, 2015

Hidden Wisdom

Hidden Wisdom
An Excerpt from The Power of the Herd by Linda Kohanov

Imagine if a supervisor asked you to complete a project with only 10 per- cent of the information available to you, if schools were only committed to teaching 10 percent of what you would need to succeed in life. And yet that’s precisely what’s happening as we overemphasize the spoken and written word in business, education, and relationships. Once we realize that only 10 percent of human interpersonal communication is verbal, we can also recognize that telephone, computer, and text messaging innovations are deceptively seductive tools that limit human potential. Excessive dependence on these convenient devices creates voluntary learning disabilities in the realms of emotional and social intelligence that ultimately foster a kind of devolution if left unchecked over generations.
The tendency to treat the body as a machine already has a good four hundred years of history behind it, starting with RenĂ© Descartes’s influential philosophy in the seventeenth century and reaching its apex in the twentieth-century assembly line. Frederick Taylor’s famous time-and-motion study technique, for instance, attempted to reach maximum productive efficiency by essentially turning workers into robots. Luckily the same scientific methods that, for a while, promoted a form of “mechanomorphism” in dealing with living beings have recently given us some very good reasons to reconsider the body’s innate, richly nuanced intelligence.
In his book The Other 90%: How to Unlock Your Vast Untapped Potential for Leadership and Life, Robert K. Cooper actually predicts that the “dinosaurs of the future will be those who keep trying to live and work from their heads alone. Much of human brilliance is driven less by the brain in your head than by newly discovered intelligence centers — now called ‘brain two and brain three’ — in the gut and the heart. The highest reasoning and the brightest ingenuity involve all three of those brains working together.”
Physiologists now know that there are more neural cells in the gut than in the entire spinal column. As a result, the enteric (intestinal) nervous system can gather information and adapt to the environment. The heart also serves as an organ of perception. “In the 1990s,” Cooper reports, “scientists in the field of neurocardiology discovered the true brain in the heart, which acts independently of the head. Comprised of a distinctive set of more than 40,000 nerve cells called baroreceptors, along with a complex network of neurotransmitters, proteins, and support cells, this heart brain is as large as many key areas of the brain in your head. It has powerful, highly sophisticated computational abilities.”
“Gut feelings” can no longer be dismissed as whimsical or delusional: both the intestinal track and the heart have been shown to generate neuropeptides, molecules carrying emotional information. In this way, the body serves as a magnificent tuner, receiver, and amplifier for all kinds of information. It feels, learns, and has definite opinions that sometimes contradict those of the brain. As author and researcher Dr. Candace Pert asserts, your body is your subconscious mind. Imagine the edge, the power and insight, the sheer genius available to those who make this somatic wisdom conscious!
While science is finally embracing this concept, we already have a term for people who tap the wonders of those other two corporeal intelligence centers: we say they have “horse sense.” The expression, dating back to the 1800s, refers to sound practical wisdom, a combination of finely tuned awareness, common sense, and gumption. People with horse sense pay attention to that “other 90 percent.” They “listen to their gut” as well as their minds when making decisions and really “put their heart into it” once they commit to action. There’s also an element of intuition involved, as in: “She’s got too much horse sense to believe his story.” For this reason, it’s often thought of as a mysterious gift that certain lucky people possess from birth.
You can develop horse sense at any age, most efficiently through actually working with horses. In fact, it was that first spirited mare who taught me to stand up for myself and read the true intentions of others. I was in my thirties at the time, dealing with an aggressive yet secretive supervisor at the radio station. As I learned to motivate and set boundaries with a thousand-pound being, my two-hundred-pound boss suddenly seemed less intimidating. I not only found that I could effectively challenge unreasonable demands, I gained greater cooperation and respect as a result.
The practical applications were useful, of course. But something even more exciting began to happen. The training my horses provided encouraged me to gaze ever more deeply into the limitations of my own socially conditioned mind, allowing me to glimpse “civilized” human behavior through a wider lens. Staring at historical and current events from this new perspective, I realized that whether I was a left-wing Democrat, a right-wing Republican, a fundamentalist Christian, a radical feminist, a gay-rights advocate, a communist, fascist, creationist, or scientist, my effectiveness in the world was likely to be impaired by the same unconscious habits. Our ancestors had sailed across a potentially hostile ocean to escape the ravages of persecution and tyranny, hoping for a fresh start in the land of the free and the home of the brave, only to build the wildly hopeful structures of democracy on the same faulty foundation of long-buried, largely nonverbal assumptions and behaviors. For this reason, I doubted technology would save us; neither would liberal or conservative agendas based on the same worn-out neural pathways meandering through our fearful, body-phobic, increasingly dissociative, egotistical, machine-worshipping heads.

Linda Kohanov speaks and teaches around the world. She founded Epona Equestrian Services to explore the healing potential of working with horses and to offer programs on everything from stress reduction and parenting to consensus building and mindfulness. She lives in Tucson, Arizona.

From the book The Power of the Herd. Copyright © 2013 by Linda Kohanov. Reprinted with permission from New World Library.