Thursday, March 26, 2015

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Today at 4 PM There’s A Rock For That! Hosted by Tarot Dactyl!
On this episode of "There's A Rock For That!" Host Tarot Dactyl will be taking calls from fellow Stone Guardians and Crystal Keepers. Call in with your questions and comments. Share your Crystal Journey. Free mini crystal readings too!
Tarot Dactyl will be looking back at March 2015 and ahead to April. The philosophical "A Rock For Your Thoughts" segment will unearth and then ground the wisdom of this week's "Crystal Guest," Halite!
Tune in March 26 2015 at 4PM EDT/3PM CT/2PM MT/1PM PT! Call in number is (347) 989-0744
Attune Magazine

Sally Kempton and Andrew Harvey via The Shift Network
 Embraced by the Evolutionary Goddess: Awakening Your Sacred Powers to Transform Yourself and the World, Sally and Andrew will light the way to a distinctly feminine path of empowerment in which the Goddess can come "off her pedestal" and into your heart, mind and body as an active catalyst for your awakening and worldly service.

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Communicate with Your Deceased Loved Ones without a Medium!
 A Video Conversation Between Bob Olson & Michelle Skaletski-Boyd

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

HOLD IT! Let’s Talk About Tarot Deck “Reviews”

A review is not a book report, it’s not a smear campaign and it’s supposed to be helpful. 

I think it goes without saying that the reason I write reviews is because I want you to be able to make a good, informed decision based on an honest review.  Let’s face it; some of the decks we all love are expensive.  I don’t have a problem with an expensive deck, I don’t have a problem with a deck that’s different-even off the wall is fine with me.  BUT! I will have an opinion about a deck that I’m asked to review.  They cannot all be 5 stars, sorry, that’s just the way things work in the real world.  By sharing what isn’t quite right for me it gives you (the reader) an opportunity to decide if it’s right for you. 
In the case of The Beautiful Creatures Tarot Review: 
I interviewed the author (of the companion book that comes with this deck) He in no way indicated that there were astrology attributes only on the face of the court cards.  In the companion book you are given the association that matches the court card - except in the case of the Nymphs.  What this all made me think of was a trick or fa├žade to make this deck different.  It’s already different and didn’t need this to make it special.  In fact, in my opinion, it makes the deck less user friendly for many readers.  A tarot deck has a court.  A family or the royal members…however you like to look at it.  It does not have “astrology cards”.  Astrology is part of reading tarot. Astrology is NOT “The Tarot”.  If you purchased this deck without knowing how the “court cards” don’t exist in the traditional way you may be unhappy and return the deck.  You might also find it an interesting twist and love the deck.  I didn’t “love” how the cards are presented so it only got three stars from me.  BUT, there are nice things about this deck-the images, the companion book and the bonus cards.

The Meaning of Amazon's Star Rating System

5 Stars - I love it

4 Stars - I like it

3 Stars – Its OK

2 Stars - I don't like it

1 Star - I hate it

I also think it’s worth mentioning that the “Review” section of Amazon isn’t a “Discussion Board”. I would also invite you to wait until you have the deck in your hands to add comments to the review section.  This will make you a bit more credible.  Also, I think it is disrespectful to address anyone with Honey, Baby or whatever.  That alone discredits you as a person who is writing something that is to be taken seriously.  To assume that I do not know how the tarot and astrology work together is laughable.  I never said I don’t understand astrology association in a tarot deck. 
You will notice that the first review of this deck could not have been done by anyone who had the deck in their hands- since it was written way before the deck was available.

The truth here is this; I wasn’t blinded by the fantastic images of this deck.  I was in fact, a bit disappointed when I got to the court cards.  I do not hate the deck; the deck is okay and a nice edition to a collection.  This is not, in my opinion a “working deck”.  This is not a deck for people who do not know the court card astrological associations.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

What’s the Plan for October Attune Magazine?

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Monday, August 18, 2014

King of Swords: The Mary El Tarot

King of Swords
What is this card trying to tell me?  Over and over it keeps showing up, catching my eye and being turned over on the table.  I like to compare the images of several decks when this happens. The image that really speaks to me is TheMary El Tarot by Marie White:
This King leaves no doubt that he’s a warrior, he’s wise and he’s got a lot of experience being a leader. Notice all of those feathers coming from his head, this is wisdom expressed in a way that indicates an almost spiritual source.  He has a fierce dragon tattooed on his back, its yellow/gold and red.  We know these are the colors of action, passion, energy.  This King is pure energy. Look at his left hand, in it he holds an arrow and he’s clearly ready to take that shot.  Notice also the tiny words on this image.  Are these indicating psychic messages or knowledge gained through experience? I think these are all of this and so much more.  These are the words and thoughts of someone who understands the need to align thought and action.  The words of someone who has mastered the art of manifesting.

From Marie White’s companion book for the Mary El Tarot:
“This King is a warrior, a soldier.  He is hard, lean, weathered.  He has been marked with a gold dragon, gold rays of the sun. Gold is the color of our exaltation in Air.  This is something this king needed to live up to as he acquired pinprick after pinprick of golden ink, and now in his vast experience he has the ferocity and skill to wear his dragon proudly and with honor.”
“The rays of light coming out of his head, and the arrows and swords with which he conquers the world are ink tipped quills.”

From this image I see a person who is so ready, so able and who IS action.  Viewing this in the context of my seeing the card over and over again I would think this means a message that shows me the only way to get out of this terrible stagnant energy I've been experiencing is to TAKE ACTION.  It’s hard to know exactly what action to take but, as I've pondered this card, journeyed into its image to speak with this King of Swords I've been shown a few clues.  The first clue is the most obvious here, pen in hand, thoughts on paper. 

When you look at the Keywords in The Mary El Tarot companion book you see:
“Master the mind, control your thoughts, and hold the image and thought you want to manifest.  Support what you want in your life with words and actions rather than countering them with fear and doubt. Plan carefully, have a clear intent. Sharp focus.”

I don’t know that I would have given so much thought if this had been the Rider Waite image of the King of Swords.  For whatever reason, The Mary El Tarot speaks to me in a whole new language in times like this.  Until now I had never thought of the King of Swords as someone who has mastered the art of manifestation.  I had never imagined a King whose sharp wit and focus ran so much deeper than just a King on a throne with a sharp mind. Perhaps you've already discovered this secret with the King of Swords?  For me it’s a very important discovery indeed.  My mind races back over the past few months and I realize the opportunities that were missed, the chances that were not taken and the result is that nothing changed.  Given fresh information in a message from this King has shown me tools that I have already, lessons already learned and perhaps a new approach to old challenges.  What message does this King hold for you today?

This card image is from TheMary El Tarot
By Marie White
Published by Schiffer Books

You can order this deck HERE:

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Magical Times Empowerment Cards: A Card for Today

In order to get a better feel for Magical Times Empowerment Cards I am choosing a card for today-I have already followed the advice given in the first paragraph of the booklet and connected my energy with the energy of the cards.

My Single Card for Sunday July 21:

Following the directions in the book I fanned out the cards and chose the card that felt right-for me this is a slight tingle in my wrist.


This card’s image is a dragon and the first thing that came to mind was - this isn't a flashy dragon, this is a dragon that blends well with the surroundings and seems to have a sense of quiet power about it.  This dragon is not only sitting on top of the world, it’s also carrying the world in its hands.  I definitely got an echo of being in control of your own little world, the one you create.   I can also see this dragon as only being able to hold onto the things that really matter...

Drop the things that offend your soul.  Embrace your true self.  It’s your life; let no one live it for you.

From the booklet: Affirmation
I honor all that I am.  I am always completely myself and that is enough. Today I will honor myself and my personal integrity and rise up in its power.  I will embrace the greater part of me and live with sincerity and honor.  I will be honest with myself, live a life of truth and I will be free.

I wasn't planning to draw another card but it seems I was meant to see a card because as I was putting the cards back in the box I realized one card had been left on the table. 


Focus on the positive and more good will come.  Give thanks for blessings and they will multiply.  Prosperity begins in the mind.

From Booklet: Affirmation
Today I will focus on the good and happy moments in my life for this is true wealth.  I am a powerful person who believes in prosperity and happiness and health.  I will stay positive and prosper beyond my wildest dreams.  I give praise and thanks for unknown blessings already on their way.

Magical Times Empowerment Cards created by Jody Bergsma and published by U.S. Games.


U.S. Games