Monday, August 2, 2010


When I was a teen, I never really understood that song "Manic Monday".  I get it now.  I SO get it.  We all rush around like maniacs on Monday morning-get to work and find...well, usually we find whatever it is that we left on Friday!  Friday is the magic day, everyone has to get out early or has something to do...we just leave that one thing that we will "get on Monday".  Why are we not smarter than this?  Monday is not a good day to be tying up loose ends...Monday IS a loose end!
As I look around my house, I see all sorts of things that I didn't quite get to all weekend...what was I thinking?  It will be Thursday before I get to any on that stuff!  This is what I like to call "self inflicted misery".  So, that is my lesson for today...stop waiting until tomorrow to do things!  You will have other things to do tomorrow.

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