Wednesday, August 4, 2010

And now it's Wednesday! Today's Three Cards.

What I need to know today: Knight of Wands
The challenge: High Priestess

The outcome:  King of Wands

The knight of wands...Hasty decisions.  A sudden journey.  Impulsive behavior.
The High Priestess...Supreme knowledge.  Intuition.  A  woman wise beyond her years.  Virtuous.  Scholarly.
A father.  Loving paternal qualities.  A married man.  Wise leader.
I see this day like this:  The knight of wands (me) was ready to rush into a battle (a court hearing) and be my usual bold self...the challenge was the High Priestess (a friend) who pointed out to me that I was being counter productive if I chose this action.  The outcome was the King of Wands (the judge) being fair and also teaching me an important lesson.  Sometimes the right thing to do is let things take their course.  This "wise man" did exactly what was right and fair-without me busting in there and telling him how to do his job.  Hmm...guess you're never too old to learn a thing or two!

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