Saturday, August 7, 2010

Deviant 3 cards of the day: ALL REVERSED!

What I need to know today:
Three of Cups
Three merry souls celebrate their deliverance as they emerge from the inside of a fearsome sea creature.  In spite of personality differences, the trio toasts their shared good fortune.  What was once a dark situation has finally been overcome.
* Solution to problems.  Celebrating victory over hardships.  Merriment.

The challenge:
The Page of Swords
The young page roams the city.  He is skilled in perceiving hidden truths and secrets, however he is often underestimated due to his youth.
* Insightful.  Perceptive.  Intuitive.  Keeper of secrets.

The outcome:
The King of Pentacles
The great king holds the silvery emblem of his industrial dynasty.  Although skilled in the ways of business and trade, he focuses too heavily on material gain over spiritual enlightenment.
* Business know-how.  Wise investor.  Skilled in math.  Proficient in financial matters.

So let me tell you about the situation here today...if you have a teenager, you will SO know what I am talking about.  The day started off wonderful;  temperature is perfect, it's my day off...just perfect!  I take the teen to work and she calls to come home two hours flag!  "They sent me home because I am pale and shaky".  We get home and there is bad energy-feels like dark and ugly-you can feel the deceit in the air...there is prancing around like something is expected to happen.  In the midst of all of this, I am told that her place of work is being closed for a month after tomorrow...okay...these things happen.  I remind the teen that she has financial obligations coming up, in the amount of $100.00-I am given a dirty look.  Hark:  the phone rings...a friend "needs" her to go shopping!  I go to the basement and by the time I come back, GONE!  I am pretty sure she has not been abducted by aliens...I am also pretty sure that when she gets back she will be flat broke!  But, she will have some pretty new clothes or some new sparkles for her big blue eyes!   
So, you can see just how accurate today's cards have been so far...I have been deceived by  my very own Page of Swords!  In short, my kid has me severely irritated at the moment!  But, fear not, I am a firm believer in "natural consequences".    Yes, sometimes the teen only "thinks" she is getting over on me...the fat lady hasn't started to sing-YET!

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