Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Deviant Ace of Cups

An angel lovingly cradles the golden chalice against her body.  Her warm spirit invigorates the liquid she holds, inviting the moon to sip of it's essence.

Upright:  Abundant pleasure.  Fullness of spirit.  Beautiful situations in life.
Reversed:  Unfortunate and abrupt changes.  Loss of Love.  Stagnation.

I am going to share my journal entry on this card:

First, what do we know of aces? They are a beginning. They are that spark of interest. The Ace of Cups tells you that you will be given the opportunity to make happiness in your life if you want it...I think it can also be a card that indicates something spiritual is happening to you. The power of love is showing you the way.
Okay, So I see that she is giving the moon a taste of love from her large chalice...she has a lot of love to give. There is so much beauty in this card that I think you must see that sharing is a beautiful thing. She has two moon symbols on her-one on her arm and one on her purple dress. This to me is screaming out intuition. Using your intuition to begin new things, new relationships. And also, this card tells me that we should share kindness.
She is wearing a gold slave bracelet and also a different version of a slave bracelet on her upper arm. I could be wrong here but, what comes into my mind is that she is the master of her emotions.
The spikes on her head I am not really understanding...I will ask Patrick!
“(Hello Mar......some of the images have elements of the Sun in them...these are obscure little "sun" spikes...Perhaps the Deviant Moon sips from her golden chalice in order to experience "the milk of human kindness", so to speak (the moon often being driven by mischief..this is something new to him) . thanks for asking :))”
She has braids that are ended in pearls. Pearls, are usually seen as wisdom. She has many pearls.
Red stones, blue stones and purple stones are all seen here.
The blue stones around her neck I think are her spirituality. The red stone in her crown is her love, her passion. The purple stones under the front of her crown I see as her intuition. These stones are really at the crown of her head.
Did you notice the purple details in her ears, I think this is another indication that she is listening with more than just her ears, she is intuitive.
Her wings look like they are under her command. I think there is no limits to the love and understanding that this lady can give.
Her extra large chalice to me says that she has a whole lot of love to give...she even shares with the moon.
The chalice can be seen as the cup of life. The fact that this cup is gold tells me that is dealing with the conscious.
That she is making a conscious effort to share her love and Patrick says, the essence of life.
She seems to be enamored with the moon, she has a tattoo of a moon on her arm. There is so much symbolism with the moon that you can see this tattoo in many different ways....if we look at the sun rays on her crown and the moon on her arm, to me this is signifying the male and female. There is a balance.
The details on the chalice are very interesting and you can go to this link to get more information on that.
"The Queen in Death"
The sea horses...
Seahorses are thought to have a mystical significance. The seahorse has a variety of symbolic meanings. Along with contentment and patience they are also said to be generous, sharing and have high perception. I think this is the perfect symbol to be on the chalice!
All together here, I think this card tells us that it is time for a new beginning. That we should look for the beauty and the love in life...have the patience that is required to make good things happen. It is a start, not a guarantee.
*This card also reminds me of someone I know...she has very dark skin, she wears lots of jewelry and when you are within ten feet of her, you feel love and kindness-she almost always puts everyone at ease. This person works with children and her beauty goes way deeper than what you see on the outside. I have met many people but never anyone as unique as this woman.

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