Sunday, August 15, 2010

Deviant Sunday.....

Today I am looking at my cards and feeling a little uneasy.
I have some reversed cards here and that doesn't usually happen because I normally don't use reversals.
What I need to know today:  Five of Pentacles:  REVERSED

The Magician:  The obstacle

The outcome:  Nine of Cups:  Reversed
Advice:  Nine of Pentacles:  REVERSED
There are two NINES in this spread-that is what I see first.  I think two Nines is about completion.

There are two Pentacles in this spread.  Practical solutions based on personal experience is what I feel this is telling me.
And the Magician again...
It looks as if my outlook has improved and the challenge is to use what I know.  The outcome is not going to be perfect.  For advice, I think this is simply telling me that I need to stay grounded.

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