Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday...often the most stressful day of the week!

What do I need to know today:
The High Priestess
The High Priestess sits as a winged sentinel over the city.  She protects the knowledge she holds inside, for wisdom must be earned through the trials of life.
*Intuition.  A woman wise beyond her years.  Virtuous.  Scholarly.
What is the challenge:
The Five of Pentacles
A woman of ill repute makes her way through the narrow streets of the city.  Having none of the city's amenities, she searches for a place of refuge amidst the industrial buildings.  She soon discovers hope in the form of five pentacles glowing in a church window.
*Material hardships.  Homelessness.  Poverty.  A lost soul.

The outcome:
The Sun
Twins meet by the city wall.  They came as two individuals, yet the sun above unites then into a single soul.
*Successful social relationship.  Friendship.  Engagement.  Happy times.  Pure joy.

I don't even know what to say to this High Priestess showing up again.  Apparently I haven't got the message yet...A major in a daily reading is troublesome enough.  I did see and talk to the same woman that helped me yesterday.  Perhaps this lady has a bigger influence on me than I realized.  The challenge today I see as having a short day of work and always worrying about making enough money to keep things going.  There is always a way and there is always some form of "refuge" and it usually has to do with finding the answers within myself.  I am not "religious" but, I have values.  Strong values.  The Sun as the outcome!  Wow!  I had a wonderful time with someone very special today.  We are truly one and this card speaks to me about how lucky I am to have such a wonderful soul mate to share my life with.  
I have so much to learn about the Tarot.  There are so many meanings to each card and all of those meanings are influenced by the surrounding cards.  I wish I had unlimited time to study these things.
Tomorrow, after the chores are done and everyone has everything they need, I will be spending time with the Tarot.  

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