Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Hierophant

The Hierophant:  Deviant Moon

Found these interesting observations on this card...
This is possible sexual "turn ons" for someone represented by The Hierophant.

 Turn On's

Older, Dominant women
Dark features
Asian women
Round, solid bodies
Short hair
epic foreplay
slow, sleepy sex
gymnast, dancers
(passive) body worship
exhibionism, teasing
(passive) seduction
married women
cuckolding other men
gigolo role-play
(passive) anal play
(passive) b+d
hairy bushes
cuddling, caressing
wearing panties
stockings, garters
food, drink, substances

Turn On's

Tall men
swimmers' build
smooth torsos
clean-shaven looks
hairy legs
silk, satin lingerie, sheets
blue eyes, big noses
(active) oral
lite b+d
erotica, softcore porn
muscular hands, feet
flattery, (passive) seduction
nibbling, licking
pillow talk
gifts, surprises
(passive) anal sex
money, success
call girl role-play
m-m-f fantasies
seduction, stripping

Sex, the purely physical act, leads to an intense spiritual experience, which is usually (at least in the western conceptualization of things) considered to be above the concerns of the body.
Interesting take on things huh?  I may never look at this card in the same way again!

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