Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I am taking a journey?

What I need to know:
The challenge:
The outcome:


I think the message today is that if I open my heart (and mind)-even knowing that I might be hurt-I will be able to grow...start on a new path...that I should believe in myself.  This is interesting because today I will be doing something completely new for me.  I am nervous and a little unsure of myself.
This is a day of "Running with the Big Boys" and I am not wanting to end up looking like a moron!
My lack of education has always made me feel insecure...hmm...perhaps I should just relax and do my best-it might even turn out okay!
I was just thinking that the two and three of swords both sort of deal with matters of the heart. If we block out all of the things that might hurt our feelings, turn out bad or just plain break our hearts, are we really living our life anymore?  I am guilty of avoiding anything that will cause drama, unhappiness, uneasiness, pain, name it!  Life taught me how to avoid the is teaching me how to be more open, more available and more spontaneous.

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