Sunday, August 22, 2010

Justice on a Sunday afternoon.

I have always thought of this card as "cause and effect".  The things you have done are why you are where you are right now.  The things you decide today will have an effect on the future.  A little like Karma.

The corresponding number for Justice is eleven. Eleven is the number of insight, idealism, wisdom and compassion.

  • Balance
  • Harmony
  • Compromise
  • Restored order
  • Legal Matters

Today this card has meaning for me because I had an opportunity to right a wrong.  I didn't do the "wronging" but, the situation needed dealt with in a fair way.  I don't have any important legal matters coming up so, this is what feels right to me today.  Sometimes things happen in life that are not fair.  Sometimes the outcome of a situation turns out wrong because of a single act, a single word or a misunderstanding.  In my case, I had to wait for the right time to make things right.  I had to be fair and I had to weigh both sides of the issue.  Now the healing can begin for two people who are important to me.  If you are dealing with a situation that has two sides to the story, make sure you know the truth.  Get all of the facts.  Always do the right thing when you are faced with choices.  
We all know the difference between right and wrong.  If you do the right thing, it will turn out okay. You will be rewarded.  Be careful with your decisions, you will have to live with the consequences for the rest of your life. It's about balance.  Putting things in order.  I don't really see this card as punishment as some readers do...the punishment only comes about when you do the wrong thing.  

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  1. Nice one Mary :) I really like this perspective. I have a hard time with the Justice card sometimes.