Tuesday, August 31, 2010

King of Swords

  King of Swords: situation
Using one's will power to an end.  Controlling leadership.  Determination.  Disciplined.  Lawmaker.  Logical.
  Five of Swords:   obstacle
A cheat.  Dishonorable victory.  Unfair tactics.  A cruel person who enjoys the suffering of others.  A braggart.
  Two of Swords:  outcome
Stalemate.  Balanced powers.  An immovable obstacle.  Rest before action.

This looks like a challenging day ahead!
All Swords.
There is a situation at work that this is probably about...great, another day of conflicts that never seem to get resolved.  The Five of Swords is without a doubt the toxic employee that is the focus of all of the trouble at work.  The outcome:  Two of Swords, not the outcome I was looking for!

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