Friday, August 27, 2010

Misplaced Charity:

What I need to know today:  The Queen of Pentacles.
In this deck, the Queen is a little different than the Rider deck.  She is showing her Pentacle to her dolls.  Why would you do that I wonder?  Maybe this Queen is a little off in her head...maybe she need a little reality check?
I think this Queen has some of the traditional in her, there seems to be lots of steam coming out of her head...there are ideas going on up there.  She looks pretty wise.  She is well kept-everything neat as a pin and all buttoned up.
She is showing her pentacle to the dolls-that won't help the town.  Her time and effort are misplaced.

The Challenge:  The Two of Cups
It almost seems that Death has her backed into a corner.
 Midnight represents the, her time is now.  "Midnight" is two shades of blue..I think it depends on how you are looking at her as to what you will see.  the lighter blue is calm and peaceful, the darker blue, almost black, could be intellegence, stability and unity.  The very symbol of midnight is this card I see it as a begining of something new...the end of someting that was yesterday.  A new partership or union.  Or perhaps that you will see a union in a whole new light...

The outcome:  The Ace of Cups

First, what do we know of aces?   They are a beginning.  They are that spark of interest.  The Ace of Cups tells you that you will be given the opportunity to make happiness in your life if you want it...I think it can also be a card that indicates something spiritual is happening to you. The power of love is showing you the way.
Okay, So I see that she is giving the moon a taste of love from her large chalice...she has a lot of love to give.  There is so much beauty in this card that I think you must see that sharing is a beautiful thing.  She has two moon symbols on her-one on her arm and one on her purple dress.  This to me is screaming out intuition.  Using your intuition to begin new things, new relationships.  And also, this card tells me that we should share kindness.
She is wearing a gold slave bracelet and also a different version of a slave bracelet on her upper arm.  I could be wrong here but, what comes into my mind is that she is the master of her emotions.

                                                 My Guidance:  Seven of Wands
"She finally discovers a path that will lead her home."

This has been a week of meetings, therapy and changes.  I spent a lot of time on this reading because I felt there was something here that I was just not seeing.  The first thing that I was able to figure out is that the Queen isn't representing a woman!  Now, I have never had that happen before but, I have read about it...This Queen is representing my ex, the father of my youngest child.  He came by today while I was at work and took her shopping and spent some time with her (like he should more often).
There was a lot of the "showy" stuff...all the things that money can buy.  What money can't buy is the relationship between a father and daughter.
There is no love affair involved with the two of cups today...but, I am deeply connected to this man.  I am "bound" to him in ways that I can't even explain.  That is always the challenge-that I know him so well.  The outcome being the Ace of Cups is telling me that things are on the right track again.  There had been some harsh words between these two...a misunderstanding.  Maybe this card is telling me that it's a new start for them-there is no doubt that there is love involved.  Fathers and daughters are such a force to behold.  I am hoping that this will keep going in a positive direction.
My Guide:  The Seven of Wands.
"She finally discovers a path that will lead her home".
That really sums up the whole situation!

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