Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nine of Pentacles

Nine of Coins

 From Touchstone TarotTM by Kat Black


Abundance. All material and spiritual needs fulfilled, this is a time to savor. Some pampering is in order. This is the garden that has bloomed through your efforts, now enjoy its luxurious fruits.

Reversed (?)

Money troubles. Poor financial planning or bad investments may cause substantial losses. Take care to keep something aside for a rainy day.


A woman in a fine green and gold gown sits with her arm resting on a table. A hooded falcon sits on her arm, and a violin hangs on the wall beside her. A lush vine covers the wall of a garden beyond.
This is from Biddy Tarot's website:

The nine of pentacles is caution and the ability to provide the situation and yourself with the security necessary to accomplish what is in your best interest. Want to promote yourself and/or form a (new) partnership or alliance. A situation will arrive that will lure, entice or beckon you on - a very tempting offer. And your wish for a union will soon be fulfilled.
Abundance. You need to be self-reliant, independent and free. Learn about your body and how Mother Nature provides all that is needed. Treat your health as your greatest wealth. Get out into the natural world and do your part. The woman on the nine of Pentacles is taking a leisurely stroll through the gardens of her estate. She is clearly a lady of refinement and grace, so it is incongruous to see on her left hand a bird trained to hunt and kill on command. Falconry is an unusual hobby for a gentlewoman, but it is the key to the special nature of this card.

Tangible gain, relaxation. Peace and Security, Buying furniture. Good results - Harvest. Solitary Leisure. Large increase in income. Speeds up good cards on either side. Comfort. Relaxation after hard work. Connection with gardens. Discipline, sacrifice, self-awareness, knowing what matters in life. Self-reliance and a certain loneliness in pursuit of goals. This self reliance is often an indication that the Querent will make money working alone, especially in the comfort of his own home.

Nines represent personal integrity and completion, or the final stage of development. Nine is associated with the Moon - therefore dreams and delusions play a role in these cards. This final stage may bring certain problems with it, and past experiences and methods of coping become important here and are an intrinsic part of the meaning attached to the nines.

In a reading, the Nine of Pentacles indicates that you have reached a point in your life where you are feeling self-confident, and you are self-sufficient and able to rely on yourself. You have attained well-deserved success and may now enjoy money, leisure time, pleasure, and material comfort success and rest that is well-deserved. Appreciation is felt for what is now available, knowing that difficulties are over. This card denotes the ability to complete any work necessary through confidence in self-discipline and patience. The querent is in harmony with the nature that is around them. It is the luxury of leisure and solitude. It may also indicate your desire for these things if you do not already have them.

However, the Nine of Pentacles can also equate to having all the material success you want but not necessarily being happy with it. The woman in the card does not look very happy, and the symbols of the walled garden, the bird (representing captivity) and the snail (representing something rotten nearby) indicates not everything being what it seems. Perhaps she is some sort of "trophy wife" who married a successful man who wanted a decoration rather than a companion. If this is the case, she is probably very lonely because she would be unable to associate with her husband or his friends, her servants, or childhood acquaintances either. While she has everything that money can possibly buy, what good is it if no one will relate to her as a friend or equal?

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