Saturday, August 14, 2010

Okay, here is what's on my mind...

Today this is what I got:
What I need to know:  Six of Wands
The challenge or obstacle:  Eight of Cups
The outcome:  The Lovers
The Advice/Guidance:  Knight of Cups

The six of Wands:
A new hero.  Change.  Metamorphosis.  Emerging better than before.  Victory.
This is a card that I don't always "get".  It doesn't feel like there is a victory or a change going on...perhaps, in this deck it is more about a changing attitude or something along that line.  Wands represent passion and action.  So, something I am passionate about may be headed in the right direction.

The Eight of Cups as the  challenge or obstacle:
Change of plans. Ending one's endeavors.  Abandoning old ways.  Looking for better things.
Okay, this is telling me that I need to stay on course in pursuing the things that I am passionate about...don't walk away.  Don't get all "I am done with that, it's too hard"!  (Giving up is always the easiest thing to do.)

The Lovers as the outcome:
Love.  Passion.  Romance.  Harmony.  Union.
Okay, I have seen this card mean flat out "two people who are crazy in love" and also, it can show you that there is gonna be some sex going on...depends on what the question is of course and what is all around this card.  Today, I am feeling that it is more the traditional meaning of the Lover's card.  There are choices to be made.  Since this is a Major, I would say this is something important that I am supposed to pay attention to...yet, another "clue" for me to pay attention to things...seems to be a running theme in my life!  

The advice is the Knight of Cups:
Romantic.  Someone who offers new ideas to a situation.  An offer or opportunity.
Okay, this is all starting to sort of make sense to me now.  I think there are some things that I am interested in doing that are within my reach if I just stick with it and don't get discouraged.  I also see that there may be someone else coming along that will be able to help me.  

I did a podcast interview with John Ballantrae last week.  I was asking him about the differences in decks and how we should read them.  In modern decks (this is what John calls them) the meanings are often not the same as the traditional Rider Waite meanings.  This was a subject that is right on target for me because, I feel more connected to the Deviant Moon than the Rider Waite.  The example John used was the Hermit card:
These two cards mean something different in each deck.  The imagery alone says something different.  
Deviant Moon

Rider Waite
In several study groups I was beginning to doubt myself because so many people were seeing the traditional meanings in the Deviant Moon.  Talking with John helped me to understand that I wasn't really wrong about how I see this deck.  The deck is different.  I think Patrick (the creator) truly made a deck that depicts human behaviors.  I also think that when he set out to create an intuitive deck, he was spot on...Each person reading these cards will think of something that connects the image with something from their life experience.  Or perhaps they know someone who resembles the image on the card.  I am grateful for the opportunity to speak with John in his first podcast.  I was extremely nervous and when I get nervous, I can't connect the thoughts in my head!  Anyway, John did most of the talking and it worked out okay.  He has taught me many things and I am forever in his debt for all of his expert knowledge.  I hope I didn't give him "culture shock" or anything like that...

This is also a great opportunity to thank Koneta Baily!  You totally helped me with my cards yesterday.
My lone follower!  Thank you for all of your support!  There is so much to learn with the tarot, it helps to have people who are willing to share their knowledge...THANK YOU!  

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