Saturday, August 21, 2010


Clearly this is a card about the subconscious mind being in control.  Notice the dark side of the face is doing the creating. 
The man is sitting on a wooden post.  
Five cups are upright.
Two cups are on their side.
One cup faces left, one faces right.
He is wearing a red hat.(passion.)
His suit is blue.(he is making use of his subconscious.)
The lady behind the art wears black and you cannot see her face.-(she is a mystery.)(she also has three arms)
There are hand prints on the wall to the right of the artist.-right and left handed: ( giving/receiving.  Passive/Assertive.  Conscious/unconscious.)
He is not painting what is in front of him.  He is painting what this image means to him.
The image he is painting has a crescent moon face.
The cups seem to be on a stone table.
He is bare footed.
The cups are gold.)-knowledge of the conscious.)
The Number Seven:  A period of growth.  
So many symbols for what seems to be such an ordinary card!  Not so ordinary after all...

The Seven of Cups:  Seven Cups are positioned in the artist's studio, where he struggles to depict them on canvas.  Relying on his subconscious rather than reality, he interprets his subject with imagination and skill.
Meanings:  Imagination.  Daydreams.  Having thoughts of fantasy.

To me, on this day it is telling me to focus on what is right in front of me...don't be daydreaming and making up a whole fairy tale in my mind about the way things are...on the other hand, maybe there is some room for more creative thinking.  Sometimes you have to look beyond what is right in front of you to find the answer.  Cups.  Emotions, feelings...all of those things.
I think this card from the Deviant Moon is a little different that the traditional meaning of the Seven of Cups.  

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