Monday, August 16, 2010

Pick a card...any card...

Today I decided I would pick just one card to think about for the day.  I shuffled and out came The Magician!  Oh what a surprise!  I have seen him in the Deviant Moon as well as the Rider Waite more than once in these past few days.
Okay, here is what the LWB says about the Magician:
1.  Blessed with a great talent, the magician performs skillfully.  Although he has only begun to learn his craft, he is already gifted.
upright meanings:  Putting creativity to use.  Exploring one's potential abilities.  Manual dexterity.  Skilled hands.  Emerging talent.
Reversed meaning:  Putting one's gifts to ill use.  Lack of imagination.  Confusion.  Uncoordinated efforts.  Unable to learn new skills.

The Magician is the number one:  The number one is about beginnings.  There are shadows behind him and I like to think of this as people waiting to see what you will do.  An audience if you will.  He represents creativity in all four suits of the tarot.  "With time and practice he will become the master of them all"-from the Deviant Moon website.  "Dipping in to the subconscious realm!  The cup is filled with the blood of his efforts."
"His box is a material manifestation of the cosmos." "An audience of shadows watches his performance."  These are the things Patrick says on his website about the Magician.
So, we have everything we need to make things happen...that magical moment when all those great ideas get started.  This deck is so intuitive that I think when you get this card, just think about what it is that's catching your eye.  Is it the Sword?  Or is is the pentacle?  The cup?  The wand?  Or is it something else?  What IS it that you have the capability to do right now?  Perhaps this card is that little nudge or a kick in the pants to get moving and stop doubting yourself.
Now I will move onto the Magician in the Rider Waite deck:
This magician wears red!  (my favorite color)
I lost the LWB to this deck a long time ago so, I am using "A COMPLETE GUIDE TO THE TAROT BY EDEN GRAY".  My copy of this is second hand, it's pages are yellowed and somewhat is a well loved book!
Meaning:  Will, mastery, organizational skills, creative talents.  The ability to take the power from above and direct it through desire into manifestation.
Reversed:  Indecision, weak will, ineptitude.  The use of power for destructive ends.
I think in this deck, the Magician takes on a more "mystical" tone.  It seems he is getting his power from something more than mere thought.  Something Divine.

Just for the fun of it, I am adding Kat Black's Magician from Touchstone.  I love the images in this deck!
Kat's Meaning:  A wise person with deep knowledge.  You are the sum of what you know.  Asses your choices well, using all available tools.  An important new venture begins.  Scientific knowledge.  Action.
Reversed:  Take care whom you trust.  Beware slight of hand.  Instability, fear of the unknown, inaction.  Misuse of power, talent wasted.
I love the way she describes this card-it is so straight forward and easy to understand.

Since I have been getting this Magician every day for a while, I think I needed to take a deeper look at the card and also to what is going on around me.  I plan to listen to an mp3 on this card a little later too.

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