Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Star

It just so happens that the card I picked today is the card that John B. posted about!  Funny how that stuff works...I always think of this as a little message to "listen up".

I liked this video.
For me, the Star is telling me to put my emotional energy into something.  I need to be more involved.  More engaged.  I like what he said about "having one foot in the past".  I think that is advice I can use.  I don't think we realize how we let the past affect the things we are trying to accomplish.  He also says to incorporate some of the solution into the problem.  I think that is great advice.
I looked up more on the star:
The following is from Tarot the link to see more of this great website!
(I really love this site!)

Key Symbols Relative to Star Tarot Card Meanings:
This section focuses in on a few select symbols that can help us further define the Star Tarot card meanings.
Star tarot card meaning of the birdBird: By their very nature birds are symbols of aspiration, illumination, and higher vibration. They live in the realm of the skies and this makes them symbolic of higher places in thought, body and mind. When we contemplate the bird we are lifted above the mundane, lifted of our burdens, and our souls are set free to fly above the restrictions we've placed upon ourselves. (See also Bird Symbolism in Tarot and also Dove symbolism in Tarot.)
Star tarot card meanings of the PitchersPitchers: Pitchers are symbolic of vessels containing the nectar of life, the healing waters of peace. They pour out an endless supply of crystal clear, cleansing waters. In this rendition (Morgan-Greer. See permissions for use on home page) the blue pitcher represents the water element which deals with motion, emotion and fluidity - it comes from her right hand which deals with consciousness. This is a symbol that we pour from ourselves the energies that we are aware of, and we should be mindful of this process. In her left hand (symbolizing unconsciousness) she pours waters (emotions) from a red pitcher which is the element of fire (passion). This is symbolic that we must be face emotions that we may be burrying in an effort to view how these supressed emotions are effecting our environment.
Star tarot card meaning of StarStar: As mentioned earlier, the star has long been a symbol of guidance. From the wise men being led to the Christ child, to star-eyes of Mithras that when open, served as windows to the cosmos, the star is an ancient oracle. The star is just over our maiden's crown, from this we can intuit that guidance is her crowning glory, and that her own higher-consciousness is her ultimate guide. Note that there are seven stars surrounding the centre star which is the number of prime chakras, which is thought to be symbolic of perfectly balanced health. It is also interesting to note the seven-pointed star is a common emblem among the Gnostics. The eight-pointed star is a symbol of Venus as the evening star, and thus reinforcing this Tarot card meanings of love, peace and hope.

It seems that these are two different views of the Star card...Maybe what John says is a way to "navigate" in order to experience the full benefits of the Star...I don't think we get anything worthwhile in life without putting effort, time, and energy into it.  

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