Monday, August 23, 2010

Three Majors and a MONDAY

Strength...I keep hearing a Grateful Dead song in my head..."I need a miracle everyday"...That is how this day started out for me!
The Star...this is my obstacle.  I need to stay confident and never lose hope.
The my outcome.  Things will get better!
I feel like this is all about my day at work...things are changing.  It has been very stressful and there are some people that are not very happy with me-yet, I know I am only doing what is right.  I have the confidence and I have the perseverance to see these changes through.  I just have to keep reminding myself each day while I am dealing with:  one TOXIC employee, one who is LOST, a few that are not very educated... and a few that are just plain IGNORANT.  This is no time to be "wishy-washy"!  Today's cards have helped me to see that I need to keep going and it will all turn out for the better.  This was a much needed message for a Monday!

The Situation
The Obstacle
The Outcome

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