Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Todays Cards:

What I need to know today.   The challenge.                            

                                                                     The outcome.

The Eight of Cups:  Change of plans.  Ending one's endeavors.  Abandoning old ways.  Looking for better ways.
The Eight of Swords:  Bondage.  Being controlled by outside forces.  Censorship.  Restriction.
The Page of Wands:  Creative thinking.  Ingenuity.  A genius.

Hmmm...let me see here. I had a very important meeting today-it was ALL about ending the way things were being done.  Setting the plans up to remove myself from a situation that was no longer working.  The challenge was that most of the people at this meeting do not agree with the choices I have made.  There were things that I wanted to say...yet, I knew I had to keep those things to myself.  Swords!  That whole thing about the sword being double edged comes to mind.  The outcome required me to out think a whole room full of professionals that are better educated than I am.  But, the result was good.  I somehow, (usually) know what to do and say in these situations in order to get things done.
The fact that there are two eights in this spread says to me that there was action required.  I am still learning to put all of these things together-doing daily readings has helped me to see connections.
Court cards are always a little confusing to it a person or is it a situation.  In today's reading I feel it was a situation.  The eight of Cups in this deck really speaks to me.  I am done with the past and all of it's failings.  I am ready to move on...with the conscious side of her face showing in this card, it speaks volumes about making deliberate and well thought out decisions to walk away from something-the red dress she is wearing makes me understand that there is passion and conviction about this choice to move forward.  The number Eight is about balance, cycles, and perception.  I have a cup and a sword so this is about the heart as well as the intellect.  Interesting how these things seem to really sum up my day....
Now the Page of Wands...this could be a message.  Everything I have read relates the pages with a message of some sort.  The message is usually a good one so, that works for me!  I am also expecting a call from someone who is mature-yet is very child like in her ways.  Interesting...can't wait to see if I get some insight into that page in the next day or two.....

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