Thursday, August 5, 2010

We have a JUMPER:

A jumper is that card that flies out of your deck while you are shuffling.  My jumper today is the Six of Wands.
*A new hero.  Change.  Metamorphosis.  Emerging better than before.  Victory.
I think since this card was so determined to get my attention, I will consider this as my "card of the day".
So, the day ended up being interesting-many strange things going on around here!  I am not sure if I have any victories to report...I did secure a wonderful therapist for Haley...It required a whole lot of team work to get this all done.  A co worker who has been pissed off at me for weeks finally snapped out of it...another co worker called me at home to tell me what a wonderful employee I am and all of that stuff...I know I am a good employee know, it was nice to hear that someone recognizes the things I do.  (A boss recognizing me with a big fat raise would be wonderful!)
All in all, not a bad day.  Just very strange with random people saying nice things about my "way of thinking".  Hmm...I am left handed, I am a Gemini and  I am extremely direct...that combination will either be "brilliant" or "annoying"!  Usually, it's the annoying thing!

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