Saturday, August 28, 2010

What will happen if I go Pro. with my readings?

The question I have for the cards today...
The situation:
The Chariot:  A journey to new places.  Boldly venturing into the unknown.

He looks ready to do battle!

The challenge:  The King of Cups.  Artistic.  Creative leadership.  Free Thinking.  Business man.

This king says to remember that in a business, you have to be a leader, make decisions and keep creating new ways to be successful.  I don't see this really as a person in this situation.  Unless there is someone who will try to take up all of my time and distract me form my goals.

The outcome:  The Ace of Wands.  Creativity.  Passionate love.  Birth.  New life.  Potential.  Good things about to begin.

Something new is about to happen.  Something good.

Advice:  The Six of Pentacles.  Charity.  Gifts.  Sharing one's wealth.  Material generosity.
This card says to me that I should "Pay it forward".  That is good advice!  The hand that is out to give is the hand that can receive.  

This looks like a definite go ahead to me.  

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