Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Balancing with the Hierophant?

Balance and harmony?  If only I could find the key to that mystery!
Would love to see how YOU interpret this daily reading.

What I need to know today:
The challenge

The outcome

The Advice

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  1. Mary, After looking at your cards I am wondering if there are people or a particular person from your family or someone you thought of as extended family, that there has been a parting of ways? Someone that has been on your mind, that fences may need to be mended?

    The 2 of Pentacles I see here as "juggling-in-motion" moving all the time, but busy work. If that makes sense. We all juggle things and try to keep things balanced. This can be quite distracting and takes a lot of concentration, since it seems the things that need the most balancing are the most troubling. Less troubling things/people get left out of the act and can be put on a shelf and forgotten for the moment. Things or people that still need our attention, but they take a back seat sometimes. Like the old saying, "the squeaky wheel gets oiled first". To me the rest of the cards continue this message. What or who has been set aside in the 8 of cups? This card is the one that suggests to me a parting of ways. Someone that we lose contact with over a period of time or we haven't spoken because of a disagreement. This Hierophant certainly has problems of his own, but he leads me to think of The Past and forgiveness. Either asking for it or giving it. The 4 of Wands says it’s time to reconnect. Make amends.
    (no clue where all this came from, but….)
    Hugs :)