Sunday, September 26, 2010

Deviant advice on a family matter.


An ongoing situation in my life is the struggle with the youngest child.  I am at wits end today and fed up with horrible behaviors.  I took a few minutes to get centered and chose the cards for this reading.  The Spread can be found at:

The situation as it is now:  Queen of Pentacles
What of the problem:  The Lovers
What new insight can be gained:  The Empress
What solution can be found:  Two of Swords.
What of the way forward:  Death
When I look at the Queen I can't help but think she is trying to give her message to someone who is not able to hear her.  The dolls in this image are what have caught my attention-they are pretty and all of that, they just can't "hear" her.  I find it interesting that the way she is holding her pentacle reminds me of the way I feel about my home...I love it and I want to take care of the things I have.  Somehow, I see this here.  
The Lovers card represents the problem.  I keep seeing that snake biting the ankle and thinking that it represents the problems that are causing the lack of harmony...I would love to have harmony in my home!  There is all of that water in the image...emotions.  It seems to be telling me that no matter how smooth things seem at times, that snake is there determined to bite and spread it's poison into the relationship.  There is the traditional meaning of the Lovers that keeps coming to mind here.  This is a crossroads of sorts.  How much of this will I tolerate?
The Empress is in the position for what new insight can be gained.  That is interesting because The Empress is the nurturing one-the strong maternal female.  I think it might be telling me that no matter what is going on, I am still a mother and I should continue to be a mother.  Someday maybe all of this will produce the beautiful person that I know my child can be...It seems that I must keep on being supportive.
Two of Swords is the solution.  I see this as the fighting will never get us anywhere.  It might be time to just try to relax, let some time pass.  We are equal matches in an argument, this is not a situation where I can ever win.  I have to keep enduring this until the time is right.  Maybe it is also telling me to "pick my battles".
The way forward is the Death card.  What comes to mind here is that it's my job to get this child ready to be on her own.  Things cannot keep going like this...there has to be change.  Big change.
In a way, this spread hasn't told me anything I don't already know.  Of course there has to be change.  What if there is loss also?  And who is it that will experience the loss?
I just took one more look at the cards before putting them away and the Empress caught my eye...she is looking away from the Strength card.  A clear message to me that I have to somehow stop all of these arguments-look the other way.  Maybe don't lose my temper.
This is difficult but, it needs to be done.  When you see the Death card as what needs to be done in order to move forward, clearly the things you have been trying are not working!

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