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Deviant Beginners Mind Spread! Beyond Worlds & Barbara Moore.

The Beyond Worlds Blog Talk Radio show with Barbara Moore is available for download.  You can also listen to it over and over by going to the page and clicking the play button! 
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Barbara Moore
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To hear this show!  This is a good one!
Theresa Reed “The Tarot Lady”

I was very interested in this particular show because I like Barbara and Donnaleigh…I really didn’t know much about Theresa Reed and didn’t realize until it was mentioned that she is THE Tarot Lady!  How cool is that?  The ladies were discussing mentoring and teaching. I really liked this part because I like to learn new things but, I prefer a mentor over a teacher.  I like that Theresa does both! 
The whole show is based on the need to go back to the beginners mind set with tarot.  I like this idea.  Take away your ego and all of the things you think you know and look at it in a fresh way.  A new perspective!  You can’t learn anything new if you think you already know everything!  There was some great advice on when you are reading for yourself:  Do the reading out loud!  This really works!  I don’t know why, it just does!
So. Barbara Moore created this new spread!
 Beginner’s Mind Spread 
Click the link to get the handout for the spread! 


Page of Wands            Page of Cups                   Page of Swords            Page of Pentacles
               X                           x                                  x                             x

So, you place the Fool and the 4 pages as shown,
then shuffle and lay out 5 cards, one below each card you laid out.

Fool and Card 1 = what you need to approach with a Beginners Mind in your life
Wands/Card 2 = what kind of passion/will/intent you need for this adventure
Cups/Card 3 = what kind of emotion/relationship/connection you need
Swords/Card 4 = what kind of reasoning/logic/communication
Pents/Card 5 = what kind of resources you need

For those who use reversals,
I’d say read reversals as what you need to leave behind.

All of these cards are like the items in the Fool’s bag,
Things he is bringing with on his journey.
I have used the Deviant Moon for this spread because it is the deck that I am most connected to…I think it would be interesting to do the same spread in the future using a different deck.

I didn't have a specific area for this spread.  I simply thought “What is missing from my life?”

(You can lay these out in a different way, I have a limited amount of space on this table!)

 Fool and Card 1 = what you need to approach with a Beginners Mind in your life
The Fool + the Queen of Pentacles
Some of the qualities of this Queen I already posses.  I think things through and never make rash decisions.  I don’t think with emotions.  I make choices faced on careful thought.  Now for the qualities I do not posses!  I am not exactly organized at home.  Well, the truth is, I tend to let things go a little longer than I should.  Becoming more organized is great advice for me.  I can be inconsistent about some things.  Not all things but some.  So what I need here is some organization, a plan.  Make things real!  Maybe this card is also telling me that I need to dress a little nicer!  I don’t tend to spend any time of those things-not a “girly” bone in my body!  Also, this Queen has all of her dolls sitting around her.  I see those dolls as all of the interests she has.  The clearest message I get here is to TAKE CONTROL.  Don’t be living in fantasy land!  Make things happen. 
Wands/Card 2 = what kind of passion/will/intent you need for this adventure
Wheel of Fortune
This had me really stumped for awhile.  I am pretty sure the message here is that I should keep things new, changing it up a bit.  Also, I feel like it’s about being creative.  I should take more risks because I have luck on my side.  The unforeseen forces are working for me at this time.  The wheel can be moving fast or slow, how can you tell?  The important thing is that things are moving!  Be creative, add new things, change.  Those are the things that come to mind here.  I love change! 
Cups/Card 3 = what kind of emotion/relationship/connection you need
The Queen of Cups
The Queen of Cups is able to see what she wants.  She does not think with her emotions.  I know about some of the qualities of the Queen because, I am often that Queen!  I am the one that people tell all of their troubles to-the one you can depend on for an honest, straight forward answer.  You may not always like what I say but, I am usually right.  To a degree, I am also the “healer”.  I “fix” situations.  In my case, I have a very good sense of humor and it has diffused many bad situations!  This Queen can also be “cold”.  I can be that too.  For the most part, I think of this Queen as having a positive attitude.  I have done many things that “cannot be done”!  This also says to me that I should use my intuition.  I have one more thought about this Queen:  I think this is telling me that I do not have to reveal my whole self to everyone…it’s okay to have parts of me that no one else knows.  I AM very private in some ways-yet totally open in others. 
Swords/Card 4 = what kind of reasoning/logic/communication
The Five of Wands
I know that many say this card is about conflict and struggles.  I see there is a struggle going on but, there is way more to it than that.  I think in this case, the meaning is that there will be frustration.  The end result is that no one really gets hurt here.  The other thing that comes to mind is that others may not take my good ideas seriously.  I have this problem a lot!  So, the logic here is to relax and let things work out…it will all be alright in the end.  Nothing is really getting accomplished even though there is all of this action going on…so; there is a need to be more focused.  Learn new and better ways to communicate.
Pents/Card 5 = what kind of resources you need
Seven of Wands
I think this card is telling me that I will have to find my own way.  I can and will find my way.  It may take some time but, it will turn out in a positive way.  I maybe am not as prepared for things as I think I am and that is how I got “lost” in the first place.  I think it is telling me that I should plan things.  Make sure I have all of the information needed. 

So, there is what the Fool has in his bag for me!  Thank you Barbara for this interesting spread! 
I look forward to the next Beyond Worlds show and all of the wonderful things that I learn from each of them.  

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