Monday, September 20, 2010

Deviant Monday and the WANDS

The Situation
The Obstacle

The Outcome

I can't remember ever having all wands in a Daily 3 card reading.  It looks to me like I might be feeling a little overwhelmed at some point today.    The Knight of wands...every time I see this card I think "CHARGE"!  This is usually how I take on a project.  I know this knight can be impulsive and hasty but, sometimes you just have to jump in and get things done!
Well, one thing is for sure, I have to remember that even if I feel like I can't handle all of the things that today will bring, it will all work card for guidance is the Knight of Pentacles!
 If you lay the two knights beside each other, it looks like the Knight of Pentacles is blocking the Knight of Wands!  Sort of interesting when you look at it that way. 

                       Multiple wands in a spread:  Fire, intensity, creativity. 
 An auspicious beginning to a new business or creative project.  Solutions based on trial and error.


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