Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Deviant Moon Chinese Print Deck-What WAS I waiting for?

Part of My Stash
I have been using the original deck all along here...I don't know why it was so hard for me to open up one of the other copies-must be a "Mar thing", anyway...WOW!  These are so much better!  They handle like a dream, the original is very slippery.  The image quality is over the top.  I am regretting that I didn't open these Chinese printed ones before.  I have three decks.  I am usually not a "hoarder" so, I am surprised at myself for tucking these away for so long.  I, of course, won't open the last one-maybe my granddaughter would like to have that someday.  The Deviant Moon is SO my favorite!  This deck has spoken to me in ways I didn't even think were possible.  I know it's not for everyone but, if you haven't tried it, you really should!  To me, the deck is all about "human nature".  I have never viewed the images as "dark".  I have to laugh when I read a review that says how "dark" this is, I think it's an ass kicking, in your face, sarcastic, witty and sometimes hilarious deck!  I mean think about it, don't you see yourself in some of these cards?  Come on, you can admit it!
I decided since it's technically a "new deck" I should have a chat with it!  I know, it's the same and all of that but, what if this one has a different energy?  I just gotta know!

So I asked the Chinese Deviant Moon:

                                           What is your personality?
The Ten of Cups:

Could this deck be trying to tell me that it has "come home"?  
There is a lot of celebrating in this card.

One big happy family!  So, my deck is part of my family.  Huh...interesting.
Maybe the deck is happy to finally be out of the BOX!

        What can you teach me?                                                                                                                                                        

The Eight of Wands:
When I turned this card over, the first thing I saw was the bird with the message.  So, this deck can teach me how to receive messages in a swift manner?  I see that scythe as an effective tool to get the job done! (I am seeing the cards as the scythe.)  I love the feeling I get when I read for someone and it helps them to see something in a different way.  Maybe that is all we can do really.  Whip out the deck, ask the question, shuffle and see where it leads!

        What do you think of me?
Ace of Cups:

Maybe this is trying to tell me that I am beginning a path that is going to be wonderful.  I see this ace as being very spiritual and intuitive.  She has all of that purple clothing and sun rays coming out of her head.  She lovingly holds her chalice.  This is one of those cards that always makes me feel at peace.  It's a beautiful image and there are rich symbols to be found all over this card.  I can't think of a nicer compliment from anyone than being thought of as this Ace of Cups.

          My final question:  What will this deck bring me?

The nine of Pentacles!
Wow.  Now that is very interesting to me.  It is uncanny how the tarot is so in your head all of the time!  
The nine of pentacles is about abundance.  Maybe I will be earning a lot of money with my deck?  Maybe I will just learn to count my blessings.  I still see that "pet" on her side as someone I know and love...The foot that is a wheel makes me think she is going places!
I like this card!


  1. Mary,
    I knew you had a "thing" for the DM, but I had no idea it was this serious! Hehehe. I was not able to get one of the special decks that was published, but its interesting to hear that the images and the finish on the deck itself is so different. The Chinese printed decks, who do you order those through?

    I was reading your post and got to the Ace of Cups image and thought that when I see this card I usually identify it with you and I usually see it as the Queen of Cups rather than the Ace. Then I read what you wrote......who is in who's head now?!?!?!

    Loved your interview! Hugs. :)

  2. I had a little problem posting a comment on here...? I got my first deck from Ebay-the regular kind. the next two I ordered from Patrick on his web site...he also has some great prints for sale too-not in my budget because I spend all of my money on new decks...and books...and boxes...and get the picture!
    So, yes, I have a serious problem! I can't wait for the book and the next decks that he has coming...I am some kind of "groupie" I think!
    The interview was great fun!