Saturday, September 11, 2010

How does the Tarot work?

I have been trying to think of ways to explain how I feel the Tarot works, there seems to be many opinions about this question.  When I first started getting to know tarot, there was a sense of magic and mystery.  I still think there is something very special going on that we CAN have access to.  I don't think every tarot reader is "gifted".  I don't think there are very many real "psychic" readers.  I DO think we all have intuition. When someone who is skeptical asks you "how does the tarot work?" what do you say?  I have struggled with this question for quite awhile.  I tend to be very "matter of fact" about things and usually say, "It works because it just works!".  Okay, that is not a brilliant answer...there has to be more to it!  So, I think I will start my quest for an answer by sharing the link to John Ballantrae's podcast where he shares his opinion.  It's about 15 minutes long and for me, he articulated a few points that I could is definitely something that I think everyone should listen to if they are seeking an answer to how the tarot works.
If you follow John, you will know that his knowledge of tarot is amazing.  He gives facts.  He also explains things in a way that anyone can understand.
Before listening to this podcast, I did a little 3 card spread...past-present-future..."what can John teach me?" was my question.
I turned over:
The Devil-The Hierophant-Three of Wands
The Devil in the Past position tells me that I may have some bad habits.  Maybe I have ideas that are just not true.  Mostly it seems to be saying that I am obsessed with something...which brings me to the Present and the Hierophant.  Well, I am obsessed with learning!  I think it is also telling me that I need to study more-I need to know more of the structure, the symbols, the fundamentals.  (that makes sense to me)  And also, John is a teacher...he has a course and materials available to learn the tarot.   The Future is the Three of wands.  There is a sense of climbing higher to see farther.  I like that.  So, I would say that I have much to learn from John!

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