Saturday, September 11, 2010

Marcia McCord's Wonderful Tarot Decks!

Yesterday on Face Book Marcia posted about her self published decks...I immediately went right over there to her Blog to see what this was all about!  I am reading about how the Picture Postcard deck is sold out-thinking "Oh Man! I missed the whole thing!"
Well, I kept reading and she has two more decks coming up!   Well, I really, really  like these!!!!!  So, back to Face Book I went...wanting to know how I could get one of these.  I especially like the Victorian Trade Card Tarot.  There is also an Art Postcard Tarot.  You should go right over there and look at these!  They are limited editions so you better speak up if you want one!  And while you are over her Blog, it's good stuff!

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