Sunday, September 5, 2010

Should I go or should I stay?

Using the Deviant Moon to make up my mind!

Today I was asked if I wanted to go to a party-my initial answer is always no.  I decided to consult the cards to see what I should do.
It would seem that the message is pretty clear here...I should go and enjoy time with family and friends.  It can't be all work all of the time.  Avoid conflicts is a good piece of advice!  Once again, the Deviant has spelled it all out for me!  I will take this deck along and see if anyone asks for a reading...
The cards today were all wands and pentacles...Seems to be saying "try it, you might like it".  It also is sort of suggesting that I might be able to do a little business as a result of the event.
The cards are arranged like this:

                           ( Special emphasis on the combinations of  4 and 2.....also, 3 and 5.)

{4} =3 of wands + {2} = 5 wands
{3} = 8 of pents.+ {5} = King of pents.

{1}What should I do today?
Four of wands:
A married couple walks hand-in-hand up thee path leading to their new home.  Four massive wands serve as a stable foundation for the structure, while providing a strong base on which to build their lives together.
{2}What I should NOT do today:
The five of wands.
Conflict has broken out!  The Citizens from various factions are at odds with each other.  They turn to a battle of wands to resolve the problems instead of finding peaceful means of negotiation.

{3}The unexpected:
In the bowels of the factory, a laborer toils aver his handiwork as he produces eight golden pentacles. Ever vigilant in his craftsmanship, he will not tolerate anything less than perfection.

{4}What can make me happy?
Eight of wands:

A peasant woman prepares to rid her land of the wands growing in the field.  An eighth wand serves as a scythe as she readies to cut them all down with a single stroke.  Above her, a black crow flies into the scene with important news.
(as soon as I turned this card over, I thought that I should reconsider my decision to say no to a party tonight)

{5}Spiritual advice:
King of pentacles:
The great king holds the silvery emblem of his industrial dynasty.  Although skilled in the ways of business and trade, he focuses too heavily on material gain over spiritual development.

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