Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Six Of Pentacles "Pay It Forward"

Today's message is pretty clear, be generous and compassionate.  Pay it forward.
It is funny I should get this card today, one of the tightest scheduled days of my whole week!
Last night we had a conversation about what to do with some of the inventory from the business we are closing, My exact words were "I would like to use some of these things to "pay it forward".  This card was like an echo in my head this morning.  But, I think there is more to it than just gifting people with cool stuff!  This is a challenging time for many of my family and friends.  There is a family member who is not doing well.  Cancer touches everyone's life.  This man has been a father figure to me and others for many years.  We are at that time when everyone is realizing that the end is very near-not an easy thing to accept no matter how you look at it.
There is a family member trying to get through college, work full time, and raise a child.
Along with these things there is the therapy for my child three times a week.  This is a lot!  When you factor in work, other appointments, daily chores and just trying to meet the demands of time!
So, "giving" is a great message for me today.  We always have just a little more to give-right?

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