Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Using the Tarot to Write

Last night I attended the 

Creative Writing with Tarot, a Free Webinar

given by  Chanah Liora Wizenberg.
I have seen the book Tarot For Writers by:  Corrine Kenner but, I don't own a copy so, I had no idea what to expect.  If you missed this one, you should make sure you get to the next one!
Chanah is wonderful for doing this for free!
Check out her Face Book and her Web Site to see what will be coming up next.
Okay, most of us know that the Tarot can be very therapeutic.  Some people begin studying the Tarot just to go deeper into finding out who they are and what they need.  When you add Writing to this, you get things that you never imagined!  The image on the card allows you to submerse yourself into the story and you just never know what will come from that.  I was shocked at the things that a card could trigger in my memory.  
I like that Chanah "provides you with a safe place" to do the exercises.  This was a wonderful experience and I would love to pursue this more.
Please go to the website for more information.  

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