Saturday, September 4, 2010

What I need to know today:

The Seven of Pentacles

Developing skills.  Growth in one's ability.  Taking a moment to reflect on

progress made.

My challenge today:

The World

Completion of a cycle or journey.  Triumph.  A hard fought victory.

 Successful outcome over adversity.

The outcome:

Four of Swords

Re energizing one's self.  Retreat.  Exile.  Inverted thought.

I have been planning this weekend as a time to get some things done around the vacation or travel for me.  In these cards today, I simply see that if I can get all of my "chores" done, I will then be able to rest.  I am one of those people that cannot think clearly when I am surrounded by clutter!  The mail has been piling up, the laundry needs done...the list goes on and on...we have had such a hot summer that opening the windows has not been an option-today, the temperature is at a very wonderful 75 degrees!  I think the tarot is telling me to take this day and do what I need to do, finish those projects, clean the house and don't be distracted by anything until it's done!
According to the Numerology book:
Seven of Pentacles:
 Patience.  Calming down.  Anticipation.  Harvest.  Squirrel.  Altered states.  Zany. Self-diagnosis.  Symptom.  Procrastination.  Anxiety.  Panic.
I think there is something to this numerology stuff!

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