Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What if? Four of Pentacles Deviant Moon

What if the Four of Pentacles isn't a warning against being too greedy?  What if there is more to this card than "you can't take it with you"?  Suppose the man is looking back into the past because he has left things undone...too many loose ends and he needs just a little more time to finish his life's work.  Pentacles are not always about money.  Pentacles are also about values.  What if this card is telling you that you need to take a look back and make sure your foundation is solid?  I have read several definitions for this card-including the one in the LWB.  Most seem to deal with money, greed, selfishness. 
For some reason, I keep getting this card over and, I don't think I have the right understanding yet.  Maybe it is simply saying that I am involved with too many things right now-that I am burning the candle at both ends.  Do you see those shadow hands on his outfit?  That reminds me of being pulled in many directions by many people.  (Maybe I have this all wrong but, when you get the same card so many times, there must be a reason!)  I feel like the man in the card is holding everything he values very closely-like he is being pulled by time and he's not ready to let go of some things from the past. I can also think of this as he is holding his family closely.   There is that tone of unfinished business here.  He doesn't want to give up on his plans, but time is pulling him...he is almost out of time!  
Well, this is something to consider.  Maybe my tired brain is playing tricks on me tonight!  I feel like I have been too busy to breathe today!


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  1. Mary,
    Funny you should mention "time" here. I sometimes see this card as needing to take time for yourself. To be a little stingy, and make some time just for you. Being pulled in a lot of different directions and taking on too much responsibility for others, all the time. Set aside some "me" time.