Thursday, October 28, 2010

Card of the day and Tarot Dynamics!

The Four of Cups
Card 44
Subject Card Four stands for incentive and security.

Card forty-four means:  taking a leap of faith whether in yourselves, others, matters-or all of three.

At your best, you won't allow your own or other's insecurities to influence your decisions.  Being in touch with your "higher self" lends you the courage to follow what "feels right" to you whether or not everyone else approves or understands.

Under more stressful conditions however, you may feel it's impossible for you to relax, or seek (and follow) even the most reliable advice or medical assistance until either your work is done or your dilemma resolved.

This card has really hit on the mark for today!  I am always going with whatever my "gut" tells me...and it's telling me about a change that needs to be made today.  This just reinforces that I need to follow through with what I KNOW is right and not worry too much about how well liked my decision is...

Traditional Keywords for this card are: Apathy.  Self-absorption.  Going within,  I think with Tarot Dynamics we get a clearer picture of the meaning of this card and how it applies to the situation that we are thinking about or dealing with.  

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