Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How can I help someone who is afraid to ask for help?

Today I am thinking of someone who needs help...I am unsure how to approach this subject with them because they really don't know me that well.  I'm the one who helps people figure things out-don't know why and don't know how, it just is.
The first question I asked the Tarot was:
What can I offer this person?
The High Priestess
Card 2
perhaps it is simply my intuition telling me that this person needs help...that they need my compassion.  

I then asked the Tarot how they will receive my offer of help:
King of Wands
Card 23
I'm thinking this is telling me that this person may not appreciate my offer and might even be angry with me.

What good can I do in this situation?
Six of Cups
Card 46
Since I have been through many of the things this person is dealing with, maybe I can use some of that past experience to let them know that it WILL get better.  

What harm could I do in this situation?
Two of Cups
Card 42
This could very well make things worse.  Not everyone can like me-some don't "get" me at all...I have a feeling this could cause a problem in the persons relationship.  I might seem to pushy...or too "know it all".
What is the biggest problem this person needs my help with?
Five of Swords
Card 59
I love what Tarot Dynamics says about this card..."Whatever the situation, without even realizing it you could make at least one mountain out of a molehill now."
This is how I see this person!~ they are really overreacting to so many things. Looking for the negative in every situation.  
That brings me to my last question for the Tarot.  
What is my guidance in order to do the right thing?
The Queen of Wands
Card 24
Well, I do have very good people skills and can usually make anyone feel at ease.  I CAN at times feel irritated if someone can't see things the way I can.  Is that my pride?  It might be.
Maybe I am just supposed to let the person know I am here and I should leave it at that.  I can't force someone to face the things they don't want to deal with.
Thanks Tarot Dynamics!  This was very helpful!

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