Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Magician!

The Magician is my card of the day!  Wow, a Major on a Saturday morning...that's always exciting.
The Deviant Moon is still my favorite deck! Patrick has tapped into something incredible here and I can't wait to see what he does next!
Tarot Dynamics has a great take on this card!
Card 1:  You are not afraid to stand alone-in fact, you sometimes prefer to do so, and often work best alone.
Key Word: Self-Reliance
I also love that it says: "Your need to prove yourself is very karmic."
This card presented to me as the card of the day is so "dead on" that it smacks as incredible!  I will share something here that will help you to understand how "tuned in" this deck is with me:  This morning I drew my card and laid it on the table-like I always do-I went about some other things and glanced at the card every so often.  I realized that what kept drawing my eye is the shadows in this card..there is an audience present.  Now before I drew the card I had taken care of several e mails that I hadn't had time to get to of them was dealing with the school and a teacher that is having a hard time "grasping" the way I make this shorter, he is seeing only one side of things and I'm pretty sure he thinks he knows what goes on in my house!  I don't care for scrutiny from people who think they know everything...anyway, I sat here and answered all of his questions and sent that email off.  Then, I got phone call from Anna is the "incredible" part...she was talking about the Magician!  The number ONE.  The first time she said Magician in a sentence, I thought it was just a fluke.  For some reason, this was what we were discussing and I had not mentioned that this was the card I drew today.  Strange stuff happens again and again with the tarot!  The second thing I noticed about this card today (after hanging up with Anna) was the hand holding the Sword.  I went to the section on Swords in Tarot Dynamics and here is what caught my eye:  "Swords indicate the effect that communications coming to you or from you will have on situations.  Swords can sometimes accelerate or delay your plans.  Swords make you stop and think-they engage your intellect."
I found this to be interesting because, we were passing ideas back and forth on the phone...also, Anna is having pain today...don't know if that has anything to do with the sword or not but, it seems logical. 
One of the things I find most helpful using Tarot Dynamics is that the descriptions that are provided really are "modern".  You can easily interpret any position in any spread using this system.  
Hope you are enjoying my adventures with Tarot Dynamics!  I am into it!

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