Saturday, October 16, 2010

My daily cards using Tarot Dynamics!

I have graciously been given permission by Anna to post this reading using her Tarot Dynamics book...thank you Anna!

(Deviant Moon!)

1:  What do I need to know today?  Three of Pentacles
3 of Pentacles (card 71)

Card 71
Subject Card Three is for thinking and networking.
Key Words:  Ambitious/Thinking/Networking
Card Seventy- One means:  whatever your situation. you can clearly see what will and what will not work for you now.

2.  What is the challenge today?  Six of Pentacles
6 of Pentacles (card 74)

 Card 74
Subject Card Six challenges and rewards your willingness to keep matters running effectively, smoothly and harmoniously.
Card Seventy- Four means:  waste not, want not.
Key Words:  Ambitious/Commitment.

3.  What is the possible outcome?  The Chariot

Chariot (card 7)

Card 7
Travel and communication issues will find you devising and revising your strategies and schedules.  Advancement.
Card Seven means:  your attitude, moods and views have a stronger influence upon other people than you may realize.
Key Word:  Advancement

8 of Wands (card 34)
4.  What is the advice?  Eight of Wands.

Card 34
Subject Card Eight stands for renovation.
Card Thirty-Four means:  at this time very few matters will follow prescribed guidelines and rules.  Expect the unexpected in yourself, matters and other people now.

With this Study Guide the left page is in-depth definitions and the right page will be your quick reference.  This is the first time I have ever read about how to REALLY tell if a card is a challenge or an encouragement-and what to do with that information.  I had never heard of a "Subject Card" before and this one simple term makes so much sense to me that it was like someone turned a switch on in my brain!  There are other things in this book that will blow your mind when you realize that NOW you can understand things that previously made no sense at all...I am thinking of asking Anna and her nice husband to adopt me so I can be around all of this knowledge everyday!
And I have used the Deviant Moon in this spread-I know you could use any deck you want because this system is about MODERN interpretation.  I can't even begin to cover the whole book here but, I think I have let you see how accurate and easy this system is for reading the cards.  I am a very "down to earth" person and I find this way of looking at the cards a whole lot more satisfying than looking at a million definitions and trying to figure out what the spread is trying to tell me...this seems to "just say it"!  
Buy the book!  It is worth every penny and you will use it as reference over and over...
My book got here yesterday and it already looks "well loved"!

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