Friday, October 29, 2010

My thoughts on the Queen of Swords

 Queen of Swords
For about two weeks now I have been feeling a little like this queen.  She is so sharp tongued and will cut you to the quick.  She demands excellence from herself and expects others to act in the same way.  I think this Queen has no tolerance for mediocrity.  Her motto is “if you are not the best, don’t play”.  I imagine this Queen to have no tolerance for ignorance.  If you ask good questions of the right people, you will not BE ignorant for long.  I also imagine this Queen as a little cold and hard.  I don’t think she means it as cruelty, I think simply uses her intellect and not her emotions to get things done.  I’m sure emotionally needy people piss this Queen off.  She must be the most self contained character in the Court.  Making no apologies for who she is, and what she has done has made her strong and savvy.  She might care about you but, she will not want to hear sorry excuses for your bad choices.  Especially if this is a subject you have asked her advice on and then you proceed to do exactly what she told you NOT to do…you deserve the consequences in her mind.  After all, didn’t she tell you the correct answer?  You will find that you only get so many chances with this Queen.  If she feels you are not worth her time, you will become invisible in her world.
Can you imagine this Queen as a grandmother?  Have you ever seen the movie “Driving Miss Daisy”?  I picture her a little like Shirley McClain.  Or what about the current Queen of England?  She seems so reserved and in control of her emotions.  She tends to look cold and unhappy.  I don’t think she’s all that bad, she is just not into drama or public displays.  I kind of like her! 
The thing to know about the Queen of Swords is she is a survivor.  She has lived through things that would cripple most of us emotionally.  Her head is held high and life goes on…she hides her pain well.  I don’t think she is an unhappy person at all, she just realizes that some things are better dealt with head on.  I would not cross her!  You will not like the way THAT turns out.  Like I said before, she wields a very sharp tongue that will leave you bleeding and begging to be left alone.  If you’re lucky, she will simply “dismiss” you and move on…if you’re lucky.  What about all of the things that have happened to this Queen to make her this way?  She won’t share those things with you unless she knows you AND your motives.  There are always motives-this she knows.  The Queen of Swords trusts NO ONE.  Not even those closest to her.  The people closest to you are the ones who can hurt you the most.  She has learned this lesson well.  She is always weary.
Direct, blunt and straight to the point she will state what’s on her mind.  If you don’t like it-get over it.  After all, she KNOWS what she is talking about…or she wouldn’t have said anything in the first place.
This Queen does not do drama.  She cannot understand people that act like they love everyone…she finds this an irritation that she will not abide.  You will not find anyone more “real” than this woman.  She doesn’t “act”, she is.

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