Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Past - Present and Future. Tarot Dynamics and the Deviant Moon

This is a 5 card spread and it begins at the bottom or at the right if layed out in a straight line.


Eight of Wands

Ace of Wands

The Present:
II of Pentacles

The Past:
King of Pentacles

X of Wands

I picked this spread for a couple of reasons, mostly because I think if you look closely enough at a Past-Present-Future spread you can get a whole lot of information.  And as always, John Ballantrae says that this type of spread will provide you with context.  I like that because, it is very true...up until those words, I thought this type of spread was boring.  Now I see it differently.  
I want to use Tarot Dynamics as well as what I know intuitively about the Deviant Moon to interpret this spread.  (There is a section in the book dealing with intuition!)  So!  I guess this will be a little like "thinking out loud" for me.
I will start with the past.
King of Pentacles and the X of Wands.  Without looking To TD for Anna's wise words, my instinct tells me that I have held onto my money because there have been struggles due to lack of income.  Now, this is a little tricky because here I am reading for myself again...TD (this is not word for word) would indicate the the X of Wands is the need to focus.  The King of Pentacles may indicate a quiet sense of dependability.  Now, if you are having financial problems and you want to make things better, it seems like being dependable and focused are two really good ideas!
The Present:
II of Pentacles:
This card speaks to me of trying to balance work and play.  Making everything run smoothly and keeping your head above water.  I think it could also mean that you should pay attention to the more sensual things in life and not just concentrate on making or having money.  TD mentions that this could indicate the need to balance your past and present.  I had never thought of this!  Another thing I found interesting in Anna's description is that when this card comes up in a more stressful situation, it can indicate depression.  I have a special interest in that definition because I have been struggling with keeping depression at bay for a few years now...there are things that go on in my life on a daily basis that tend to beat me down.  I'm pretty good at "looking at the bright side" of things so, usually a little  time meditating or just getting lost in a good book keeps me going.  
Anyway, onto the Future!
Ace of Wands and the VIII of Wands...what a combination!  Looks like a message that something will be starting...something new.
TD suggests that a new opportunity will present work or at home with the Ace of Wands.  The VII of Wands could mean that I could be getting one or more pieces of good news that will make me feel better.  This is exciting indeed!  This could indicate a need to renovate my life.  (That sure couldn't hurt!)
This was THE most fun I have had with a Past - Present- Future spread!  I learned a thing or two from Tarot Dynamics!  
Have you bought this book yet?