Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Queen of Cups-not kidding...that's the card of the day!

The Tarot has a way...after being on the "rampage" for days, I am now a much calmer person.  
So, let me tell you what Tarot Dynamics has to say about the 
Queen of Cups:
Card 38

You are very analytical (sometimes even calculating) and you don't like losing.  At work and home, you can choose to be the catalyst for unity or disharmony.
At your best, your no-nonsense behavior is coupled with a caring attitude.  You never rely on one matter or person to be your answer to everything.  You enjoy people who are not afraid to be themselves.

I feel like I have been "spanked" by the TAROT!  Serves me right I guess!
I think this card pertains to not only the fact that I am no longer acting like a monster, it also is telling me that something else that I have been thinking about is going to be okay.  This is what I love about tarot...and Tarot Dynamics makes it all so easy to understand!

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