Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Star Spread by: Adam Pratter

1.  Mind/Air  Queen of Wands
2.  Love / Water  Two of Cups
3.  Money/Career/ Earth  Ten of Swords
4.  Health/Fire  The High Priestess
5.  Destiny/Spirit  Three of Cups
6.  Overview  Temperance

This was a fun spread because it is very accurate.  Adam encourages us to modify and customize this as needed.  
The Queen of Wands is what is on my mind, what I am thinking of...when I see this particular Queen from the Deviant Moon, I always think of a woman who is totally in control and ready to kick ass!  She can handle a million things all at once and takes care of everyone and everything.  
The Two of Cups in the Love position!  Wow, now there is something I wasn't expecting!  I think a little problem that has been going on will maybe get better- this card says "bound together" to me.  Committed and all of that...
The Money/Career point of the star is not really looking too good with the Ten of Swords.  I am actually very shocked at this one because things are going pretty well-but, on the other hand, I am not able to go any higher in my, that makes sense I guess.  I am not miserable there...Unless you take into account the pain in my feet!
Health is The Empress:  WTF is that supposed to mean?  I am certainly not planning on more children!  In fact, that is not even possible!  Maybe it is simply telling me that I need to take care of myself...
Destiny/Soul position is the Three of Cups.  Well, no matter what is going on, I am always able to have fun and see the humor in things.  Where would I be without my sense of humor?
The card that I got for the Overview is Temperance.  I feel like I just got spanked a little!  I should remember to balance things all out and pay attention to every area of my life...I get that.  

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