Monday, October 25, 2010

The Sun Card 19

This card has always reminded me of Gemini...the Rider Waite version looks just as "happy" to me but, the Deviant Moon just looks like "The Twins" having a great time being themselves.

Key Word:
Success can be yours by expending the right balance of energy, ambition, and emotion.  Personal Enlightenment.
Tarot Dynamics goes on to say a few interesting things about this card...
"Your ambitions are like Pandora's Box."
I LOVE this sentence!  
"The manner in which you respond to others now, will begin to reveal each person or situation's purpose in your life and your purpose related to them-like the rising sun.
Think about this...when you decide you want to do something, there are steps you must take...there will be challenges, there will be triumphs.  Makes perfect sense!
There is a real sense of being comfortable with who you are in this the Deviant Moon the brothers are "dancing like no one is watching"!  In the Rider Waite, the child is naked and free.  Be yourself!  I like that as a possible meaning also...depending on what cards are around the Sun.

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