Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Morning Warning!

 Who am I today?
The King of Wands:
Card 23
Although you can be more impatient than you appear, you are also particularly resourceful when you’re under pressure.

What am I going to do?
Nine of Pentacles
Card 77
Whatever your situation, personal achievement is your best means of attaining genuine peace of mind.

How am I going to do it?
Four of Wands
Card 30
An opportunity to construct and complete matters in a manner that is as beneficial to others as yourself.

This is straight out of Tarot Dynamics and it reads to me-as opposed to AT me.  This “spread” was what came to mind when I shuffled the deck this morning.
I know now that when there are more Wands in a spread, it is harder to predict an outcome.  There is a hint of warning here…about my temper getting the best of me! 


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