Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tarot Dynamics: Chapter 8

In Chapter 8 of Tarot Dynamics you will find a great exercise that will help you see "The Big Picture".  One card.  I have so many ideas and plans going on in my head at the moment that I thought this would be a great time to try this out.  Anna gives detailed instructions on how to do this.  The coolest thing about this (to me) is that she doesn't leave you with your card wondering what it all means.  Most books stop short and urge you to "find your own meaning".  
The Card I got was:  The Two of Cups

Card 42 (definition)
Whatever the situation, whatever you're feeling, can enable you to be a more formidable opponent or powerful ally than either you or other people may expect.
After looking at the meaning of Card 42, I went back to Chapter 8.  
Cups= emotion.  This cards definition offers suggestions that can heighten your awareness, enrich your creativity or help prevent your emotions or imagination from running away with you.  
Okay:  Now I am getting somewhere!  Although I only shared one possible definition here, there is much more information on these pages.  I feel like this has more to do with my relationship than anything else so, I dug a little deeper into Tarot Dynamics and it turns out that maybe my guy and I will share hobbies and interests.  (There is a smile on my face now because, we really are a "dynamic duo" when we decide to do something together.)
So, no matter how I look at this one card in the exercise, I have the feeling that it's all good!    
I have truly learned a new way of looking at the Tarot with this system.  I am forever grateful to Anna Cook for allowing me to explore her book in such a public way.  I am having a blast!

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