Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ten of Pentacles on a Sunday Morning:

The Ten of Pentacles:
When I see this card, I think of when I am trying to teach my children something.  At the very least, spending time with a family member and speaking about future plans and ideas.
Today, my oldest child will be coming over to do a report on me for one of her college classes.  I would think she could have found someone way more interesting to write about but, I am here to help however I can.  I see the person under the table who has stolen the king and I think of my youngest child who consumes so much of my time and energy...this always puts a strain on my relationship with the oldest child.  Well, we shall see how this goes today.  Hopefully, I can get them to "play nice" for a change!
I think the "message" here is that the oldest child is perusing her future and I can help with this project...all leading to a better life for her someday.

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