Thursday, October 7, 2010

What Tarot has done for me:

There are many opinions about the Tarot.  Some still insist on thinking that it is some Devil Worshipping Tool that is only used for EVIL.  I don’t think so.  I am not a historian. I don’t have any special knowledge of the occult.  I am in no way a religious expert.  All I know is how the Tarot works for me.  I have searched all of my life for something that can hold my interest, something that is deeper than just what I can read in a book.  I have always been fascinated with symbols and numerology AND all of the things you can’t see with your eyes.  When you can connect the things you see with your eyes to your subconscious mind there is a huge “A HA” moment that happens.  This is what I love about Tarot.  I do not feel the need to know the future and I don’t know that I really believe it’s possible anyway-too many things are changeable.  What I like is that the Tarot has helped me find a part of me that I never knew existed; it’s a way to quiet the noise that we hear everyday, and to focus on something until I can see the message clearly.  I don’t go for all of the Hocus Pocus that some use with the Tarot.  I think the messages are already in our minds and this is a good way to tap into what you already know.  There are many reasons why we can’t access information in our minds, since I am not an expert on that either; I will leave that for someone else to explain.  What I do know is that since getting serious about the Tarot I have been able to piece together many missing years in my life.  Some things were too painful and some things were just too small for me to recall.  I have learned how to express myself better and how to share myself in a way that wasn’t possible before.  I don’t see how these things have anything to do with the Devil. 
I am just your normal, everyday kind of person…I don’t think I am special or that I have a great psychic gift…we all have intuition.  Tarot helps me to tap into mine.  Sometimes the cards show me something that I cannot ignore-other times they seem to mock me! 
I wish that everyone had an open mind about Tarot.  Of course, that will never be!  For now, I am happy to have found something that gives me comfort and brings me understanding of things that I wouldn’t have otherwise figured out…seems funny that 78 cards can do so much for a person but, this is the way I see it.  I know that this will be a life long study and I like that too.  How can learning about yourself and others ever be seen as a bad thing?  And also, I enjoy doing readings for people…helping them to see something that may change their life for the better!  We all have free will.  Nothing is ever written in stone so, what is the harm of using a tool like the Tarot to broaden our horizons? 

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