Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Banished! Tarot Town Gives me the BOOT ! ! !

I have been removed from Tarot Town, no explanation, just an email from Pay Pal saying my recurring payment has been cancelled.  This is a total lock out; you won’t find a trace of me ever being there.
Even though I have been a member of the Tarot Guild for quite awhile, it suddenly seems to be a problem?  This is interesting behavior from “professionals”.  Dax at Tarot Guild never said a word when I joined Tarot Town…he certainly didn’t kick me out!   I’m also a member of Acclectic-they didn’t boot me. 
I’m interested in learning about the TAROT. 
I’m into talking to people about the TAROT! 
SO!  Now I will be concentrating on helping Dax to make the Tarot Guild an even better place to hang out and talk about TAROT!
Here are some things that are going on over at Tarot Guild.
This Saturday at 3:00 P.M. EST, John Ballantrae will be on Tarot Today Radio with Dax.  He will be discussing reading for yourself and doing a mini horoscope spread.  I will be listening!  John’s extensive knowledge of the tarot is amazing!  (He also has a voice that puts you at ease and makes you pay attention-all at the same time!)
John’s Web Site:
You can also find John at:
Here you will find links to all of his You Tube Videos on the tarot and Astrology.  Have a look around!

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