Monday, November 15, 2010

The Deviant Moon says it all...

I was having a little trouble coming up with a Blog post today so, I decided to pick one card and see where it leads…

It’s the Page of Swords…interesting.  This was the first card in my Horoscope Spread. 
Tarot Dynamics places this at card 54.
Key Words:  Challenging Surprises.
I am using the bottom card as “The heart of the matter”.
(Some people call this a shadow card)
The Eight of Cups
Card:  48
Key Words:  Emotional/Renovation
I’m seeing this Page as my child and her behaviors…always a battle to fight and the Eight of Cups is me constantly trying to get her to see things the way they really are…that no one is out to get her and she is her own worst enemy.  Today was just another day of mayhem and foolishness!  It’s funny because she ended up walking away from me-just like the girl in the card is doing!  “I’m done with you”…those were the exact words she used!  Of course, I have heard this all before…

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