Sunday, November 14, 2010

My first Horoscope Spread from the class with John Ballantrae

 All of the information on this spread can be found on or John’s web site, this is a LOT of information to get in one spread, John suggests that if you’re doing this for yourself you should keep a copy of it and check it from time to time to see how things are going.  He also suggested this is a great learning exercise as well.

Some basic meanings of the Houses of the Horoscope

1: the Self

Page of Swords

2: earned income; values

Knight of Cups

3: brothers and sisters; communication; early education

Ten of Swords

4: the father; the home; the condition at the end of life

Nine of Cups

5: children, ideas, gambling, speculation

Eight of Swords

6: sickness; service; employees

Ace of Wands

7: other people; partners; open enemies; the second child

King of Cups

8: partner's values; death and regeneration; unearned income


9: foreign travel; higher education; philosophy


10: the mother; business; occupation

Two of Cups

11: friends; hopes and aspirations

Ace of Swords

12: karma; self-undoing

Six if Cups

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