Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Tarot Guild: What's Going On?

Premium Members of the Tarot Guild have access to all of these upcoming classes…plus the ability to listen in the archives!

Other sites offer “classes” but, these are real people speaking to you and the opportunity to ask questions by phone or Skype.
For more information about the Premium Member package:

 COMING IN Nov/Dec 2010, Jan 2011:

Three Card Readings with Dax Carlisle & Mark Reed

The Seven-Card Spread with Dax Carlisle & Mark Reed

Tarot and Timing with John Ballantrae

Tarot Squared Spread with Dax Carlisle & Mark Reed

Introduction to Tarot Dynamics with Anna Burroughs Cook

Tarot and Numerology with Anna Burroughs Cooks

Angel Readings with Rowan Pendragon

Aromatherapy, Clearing, and Crystals with Adam Pratter

Tarot & Hypnosis with Dax Carlisle & Mark Reed

Tarot & EFT with Dax Carlisle & Mark Reed

How to Create a Spread

Ethics and Professionalism

Color Symbolism

In addition to this, there is a
Tarot Beginners Course
I have seen courses like this for more than a hundred dollars.  The Tarot Guild offers this to you for $34.95 or you can join as a Premium Member and get this course plus all of the other classes for one low monthly rate.

Okay, maybe you don’t have an interest in learning the Tarot?  Perhaps you are an experienced tarot reader?  The Tarot Guild offers a place to do readings with the latest technology at hand!  Contact Dax at:

Some other benefits of joining the Tarot Guild are:
The opportunity to network with the creators of decks
Chat with your favorite tarot author  
Ask an experienced reader questions. 
Join a study group for your favorite deck
 Learn new techniques from the Pros.
 These are all things you can do at the Tarot Guild.  It truly is a “portal” to the tarot world
You will make many new friends and as a Premium Member you can chat online with many people who love the tarot as much as you do!  Having a place to go with like minded people is a wonderful thing!

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